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Update: 12’ Main broken & water outage at effecting a portion of Hurricane Lake Estates. The leak in the water main is deeper than any of our equipment will reach. We have contacted a contractor who will mobilize with a trackhoe at daylight to continue the work. There will be areas in the vicinity of Shoreline Blvd. and Milan which will be without water service when it's time to get ready for work and school. If you're currently without water, it is likely to continue through the day.

Broken Water Main - Hurricane Lake area update. Benton Utilities Water Distribution crew is onsite where the main is broken, they have isolated those effected to the area of S. Shoreline Blvd. and approx. 50 customers will remain without water until repairs are completed. The locators for the other utilities in the area have just arrived and are marking their lines. Our crew expects to be able to start digging at approx. 9 p.m. and will work through the night to complete the necessary repairs. If all goes as planned, repairs should be completed by 4 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Water Main Broken - Benton Utilities Water Distribution Crew has been notified of a 12" water main that has broken in the Hurricane Lakes Subdivision near the area of Worth Ave and Shoreline at a creek crossing. When the crew arrives in the area, they are going to attempt to isolate the issue and get water restored to as many customers as possible. At this point in time, we do not have an estimated time of repair due to the fact we are unsure of depth of the line and what it will take to make the necessary repairs. We will update ASAP.

I’ll start off by the water is perfectly safe for consumption, so no worries or concerns in that regards. 

May 29, 2018 - The Benton Utilities Water Distribution Department will be working for the next 4-6 weeks replacing approximately 1200 feet of water main on Troutt Street.  The work will be starting on Sevier Street going to the I-30 Service Road, they will be replacing the water main as well as all the service lines to the meters.  For better fire protection, they will be adding a new fire hydrant midway of the block.

The Water Dept will be testing valves this morning to prepare for a scheduled water outage for tomorrow night in the area of Ranchwood, Shenandoah from Congo to Wright and old Shenandoah Subdivision to relocate a 12" main.  Customers in this area may notice reduced or no pressure temporarily this morning during the testing. 

On Wednesday, March 21, 2018, the Benton Utilities Water Distribution Crew will be working at the intersection of North & Couch to replace a fire hydrant that has been damaged.  The crew will complete the digging & have the new fire hydrant ready to install prior to reducing the pressure in the area.  Customers in the general area may notice little to no pressure while the new hydrant is installed.  Estimated time of reduced pressure will be approximately 2 hours.  

Benton Utilities desires to notify residents and businesses in our area of a scam going on.  An unknown company is calling, texting and emailing utility customers identifying themselves as a Benton Utilities employee demanding payment or be shut off.  These people provide a “case” number.  When the customer asks for a phone number to return the call, it usually results in the caller hanging up.  If the caller gives a number, it may be a 1-800 number for a utility service provider in another state.  This establishment is not in any way affiliated with the City of Benton nor Benton Utilities.

JOB CLASSIFICATION:  Customer Service Clerk / Cashier

The Benton Utilities Customer Services Department is accepting applications for the above position. A job description outlining job responsibilities and qualifications is attached. 

Grade 5:  Range   $23,826 - $35,739 (Starting wage: $11.45 per hour)

Those who are interested in the position should complete an application and submit it to the Human Resources Department as soon as possible. 

Benton Utilities Water Dept. Crew is onsite where a water valve has been broken on Hobbs in Benton. Customers in the area of Hobbs and Edison will notice reduced to no pressure while the necessary repairs are made. Estimated time less than 3 hours.


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