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Loss of system pressure has resulted in the boil order being issued for all Benton Utilities customers.   The crews have worked are continuing to work to make sure your water pressure is restored to normal.  This service interruption and loss of normal pressure requires the water department to issue a precautionary boil order per Arkansas Dept. of Health Regulations. The Health Dept. requires this order to be issued because of the possibility of contaminated water entering the distributions system as the result of the line compromise and complete loss of normal system pressure.  

02/18/21 2:14 p.m.
Precautionary Boil Water Notice Issued:
Due to an automobile accident involving a fire hydrant, and the resulting reduction and partial loss of system pressure, Benton Utilities is issuing a Precautionary Boil Water Notice effective immediately for the following areas of Benton: All areas south of Carpenter Street and Mi

2/18/21, 11:39 a.m. - Customers should start noticing pressure returning to normal over the next hour or so. It is just going to take a while to recharge the all mains and services that were drained. The crew has isolated the problem which was a vehicle versus fire hydrant hit and run accident at the intersection of S. East & Willow St. They will be working over the next 3-4 hours to make the necessary repairs to the fire hydrant then they will reverse the isolation and all pressure should be back 100% to normal.

Over the next 6 to 8 weeks, the Benton Utilities Water Distribution Department crews will be working in the area of North Lakeview, Donald Circle and Eldonwood.  They are replacing the existing 2” galvanized water main with a new 6” pvc main along with new service lines to the meters.  All of the work will be in front of the houses in the street and street right of way.  Customers services will only be out, when we are reconnecting their new service line to the new main which should take less than 30 minutes.  The main upgrade and service replacements will

Benton Utilities advertised and accepted bids this summer for water system improvements.  We plan to budget approx. $500,000 per year for water utility replacement and upgrades each year for the next five years.  Coakley Company of Hot Springs was the low bidder and awarded the contract.  This company has completed several projects in our area over the years and has always proved to be a good contractor. 

Benton Utilities wants to notify residents and businesses in our area of a scam going on. An unknown company is calling, texting & emailing utility customers identifying themselves as your electric company requesting payment or be shut off. The most recent call we were made aware of was from 501-266-####. If the caller gives a number, it may be a toll free number for a utility service provider in another state. This establishment is not in any way affiliated with the City of Benton nor Benton Utilities.

***The Billing Services Dept. Lobby is currently closed, but you are welcome to come through the drive thru or call us on the phone for assistance.***

After being closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic for almost two months, the Benton Utilities Customer Services Office is re-opening their doors to customers again starting today. In an effort to better accommodate those customers who need to visit us in person to establish service or open a new account, we will allow two customers at a time inside our facilities. We ask that each customer practice their social distancing while inside, utilize masks and gloves if possible and apply hand sanitizer upon arrival and departure of our facilities.

As we proceed through these uncertain times related to COVID-19, our goals include providing safe and efficient services to our community, neighbors, families and friends, while working with our customers affected by the continuing impacts of the coronavirus. To assist in meeting this goal and in an effort to comply with recommendations set forth by the Centers for Disease Control, we have instituted a few measures to reduce contact and allow for social distancing. However, in making these adjustments, we ask for patience to make this work for all involved.

In response to COVID-19, we are focusing on what is most important: our customers, our employees and our commitment to provide electric, water and wastewater services.

To help keep this focus, we are implementing several proactive measures including closing our facilities to the public. Beginning Friday, March 20, all facilities will be closed to customers until further notice. These are unprecedented steps, but the evolving situation demands we respond proactively to protect our community and our critical facilities.


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