Benton Utilities Purchasing Department

Procurement Dept.

The responsibilities in the Purchasing Department are to see that all spending is accomplished in a way to conform to the rules and regulations set forth by Arkansas Law and the City of Benton Policies and Procedures. This has been our goal and will continue to be our goal this year and the years to follow.

Every November, the Purchasing Department sends out a request for quotes for all water and electric items that are maintained in each department’s inventory. This allows for us to purchase items from the most cost effective company.

After the budget is passed and a department receives the ok to go ahead and make a large purchase, they bring their specifications to this department in order to be advertised that competitive bids are being accepted. This Department is also responsible for receiving bids and opening them at the scheduled time. Purchasing has already had several successful bids this year with several more to come.

Inventory Warehouses

Central Stores – The Purchasing Dept. maintains a supply of goods regularly utilized by all departments. The types of items that are kept in stock are paper, pens, cleaning supplies, wasp spray, light bulbs, etc. This provides convenience to the Department heads and allows for us to buy from the most economical provider.

Electric Dept. Warehouse – This Warehouse houses a large amount of supplies utilized by the Electric Dept. Crews on a regular basis. These supplies are purchased off of the annual quotes collected each year by this dept., and allows us to secure the most reasonably priced supplies.

Water Dept. Warehouse – This Warehouse holds materials regularly used by the Water Dept. Crews to make new installations and repairs on their system. These goods are purchased using the annual quotes, and permits us to secure the most inexpensive priced materials.


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