Benton Utilities to Conduct Smoke Testing June 25, 2024 through July 5, 2024

The Benton Utilities Wastewater Conveyance Department will be conducting smoke testing on June 25, 2024 through July 5, 2024 in the areas of W Hazel, River, Burton, Parker, S Richards, Jackman, S Market, S Main, S East, Westbrook, White, W Walnut, Pearl, Elm, Vine, Pine, Maple, Smith, Gunn, Ashley, and Carter. The following businesses or organizations will be in the area where the smoke testing will take place: Ringgold elementary, First Baptist church, N&D Technical Services, Koffee with a Kause, CADC, Street Dept, Northern Oil, Newcomb Towing, A2Z Collision, Rott Rodd, Glenns Cabinets, Middlebrooks Electric, C John, AT&T, The Flower Cart, Pro Air Filter, and the old Ballards Funeral Home.    A smoke test uses non-toxic smoke and high-capacity blowers to blow smoke through the sanitary sewer lines. If smoke is exiting the ground where there is no connection to the sewer lines, this indicates a place where rain or surface water could enter the sewer system commonly known as inflow and infiltration.

If all sewer connections are working properly and there are no open faults in the home, all smoke should run through the sewer lines and out the building’s roof vents. This is normal. If smoke enters the home this means there is an open fault, where sewer gas has been entering the home for months or years. This sewer gas is poisonous and highly dangerous to residents, while the smoke is harmless and leaves no residue, it serves only to identify the open faults in the plumbing of the home.

Benton Utilities personnel will be onsite throughout the entirety of this testing and will be glad to answer any questions regarding the smoke testing. During a smoke test, a work crew will walk the neighborhood, take pictures of any faults in the system where smoke is coming out of the ground, and mark locations for repair, identify these faults and help to stop backups, overflows, and higher treatment costs.

Our department will notify our dispatch as well as the Benton Fire Department to avoid any possible confusion during testing. It is important to immediately notify a member of the smoke testing crew if you notice smoke entering your home. Benton Utilities appreciates your cooperation and patience during the smoke testing process. If you have any questions, please call utilities dispatch at 501-776-5930.

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